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Business: Simplifying can complicate things

I’ve played with Google Wave (OBM) and toyed with PBWorks. I tried wikis and intranets, I implemented networks and created complicated Excel spreadsheets. I have used at least five different time trackers and even more wireframing tools.

None of those things ever helped get the work completed quicker, more efficiently or better in any way.

Business: Beware the Amazing Bargain

We’ve all heard about how, when something sounds like too much of a bargain to be true, it probably is. This was definitely the case with “quick and simple websites from $495″. When it comes to building a website, it’s important to know what the client actually needs.

Content Strategy: Understand What You’re Saying

Sometimes even the smallest amounts of content can completely undo the good work you are trying to do. The right processes help avoid mistakes and lead you towards the audience you’ve always wanted.