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Business: Simplifying can complicate things

I’ve played with Google Wave (OBM) and toyed with PBWorks. I tried wikis and intranets, I implemented networks and created complicated Excel spreadsheets. I have used at least five different time trackers and even more wireframing tools.

None of those things ever helped get the work completed quicker, more efficiently or better in any way.

Business: Surprise. It’s all about honesty

We were unable to help a potential client with the task they had in mind. We may have been able to fudge it but we don’t think ‘fudging it’ is the way to keep clients happy.

Business: Expectations go both ways

Recently we had a potential client ask for a quote for a database application. The price we gave the client and the amount they were expecting to pay were vastly different. Their budget was almost one-twentieth the cost of the application.

So who got it wrong and how did it end up so completely out of proportion?