Welcome to Big Red Tin, a blog by Soupgiant founders Josh Kinal and Peter Wilson – collectively known as the giants. The giants combine 17 years of web production experience with 20 years of television experience.

We’ve split this blog into four categories that we think detail all aspects of our business:

  • Behind the Websites details the work we do in coding websites and dealing with content management system (CMS).
  • Business is about business decisions we’ve made or the general lessons we learn in running a business, either based on our own experiences or our observations of others.
  • Content Strategy discusses the intricacies in honing the content of websites to achieve the greatest value from them. It might be about navigation or website accessibility or the general layout of information on the screen, but it also might be about words and how to use them.
  • Design will bring together aspects of graphic design that we deal with. Buttons, images, colours, styles, legibility – basically everything that brings that all important first opinion will be dealt with under the “Design” banner.