Business: Why We Sold Out

At the start of this year, Soupgiant started discussions with Floate Design Partners about a plan they had to acquire us. We’ve been doing this on our own since 2009. Running our own business wasn’t as much our dream as creating great website the way we thought they should be built. Striving for high levels […]

Quick Notes: Faux Columns Revistited

It’s time to update Dan Cederholm’s faux columns to take advantage of CSS3 gradients and reduce http requests.

Behind the Websites: WordPress Theme Elements

When producing a theme, we try not to limit the website owner’s options within the WordPress Dashboard. The owner may wish to enable an option down the track and be disappointed to find they can’t.

Quick Notes: How we do IE Hacks

We’ve recently changed the way we do IE hacks at Soupgiant. For years we were using conditional comments to load separate CSS files.

Content Strategy: Clout by Colleen Jones: book review

Colleen Jones lays the premise of influence firmly on the table and discusses ways to begin thinking about content strategy as a means of influencing audiences on the web. The title of the book is explicit and confronting but how does the content itself stack up?

Quick Notes: Big Red Framework on

Big Red, the Soupgiant WordPress framework, has been added to the theme repository.

Behind the Websites: Maintaining Link Focus

Anyone who has attempted to navigate a web page using the keyboard will have experienced sites that remove the default a:focus style without adding in a replacement.

Behind the Websites: Minimum Page, A CSS Base

We decided to release Soupgiant‘s CSS base to the world at large, you’ll find it at

Quick Notes: How Google Damages Its Own Brand

Google Reader allows me to send to Twitter but not Google+. What is this doing to Google’s own branding?

Content Strategy: Check Your Content

Testing content before publishing is important and there are many quick and cheap ways to achieve a good result that will save your brand. It’s all about having a content strategy in place and keeping to that strategy.