At the start of this year, Soupgiant started discussions with Floate Design Partners about a plan they had to acquire us.

We’ve been doing this on our own since 2009. Running our own business wasn’t as much our dream as creating great website the way we thought they should be built.

Striving for high levels of accessibility and intelligent user interface was always foremost in our work. It just happened that running our own business was the best way for us to achieve that: building websites in the way that was important to us.

In the past two and a half years we worked on some great projects and with some excellent graphic designers. We’re proud of the way we worked, built associations and grew the business.

When we started working with Floate Design Partners it felt like kismet. That old adage of “you know it when you feel it”? That’s what we had. They knew that websites required a lot of time and attention. They understood that design was medium specific. They understood what we were about and that we had passion and skill.

In the team at Floate we saw a reflection of that passion and skill. Both parties were largely about solving problems in the most effective way possible. Towards the end of 2011 we worked together a lot.

It made sense that we would join forces. It made sense that the smaller team would move in with the bigger team. Everything about it made sense.

Also, it meant that Peter and I could concentrate on doing what we do best: producing excellent UX and website code. No longer would we have to worry about accounts, finding new clients, chasing payments or the best way to calculate a BAS.

So Floate Design acquired Soupgiant at the start of this week and we couldn’t be happier. Peter and I are concentrating on creating great web-based experiences and doing more of it. We’re happy.

Peter will continue blogging about code here and I’ll be putting some posts up on the blog at the new Floate website (which we were hired to build before the move).

Thanks for being a great part of the whole Soupgiant experience.

About Josh Kinal

Josh makes things on the web easy to use and understand. Sounds simple, but it’s not. His understanding of developing engaging content comes from many years of writing for print and radio. You might have heard him on Boxcutters, his popular weekly podcast about TV or years of appearing on Triple J, Radio National and 3RRR. He also holds a science degree and in 2012 was one of Australia’s few panelists at SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas