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Just like it sounds. This is where we post clippings of interesting things we’ve found (code, opinions, writings, pictures) that deal with all aspects of making the web. We found them interesting. You don’t have to.

Quick Notes: Faux Columns Revistited

It’s time to update Dan Cederholm’s faux columns to take advantage of CSS3 gradients and reduce http requests.

Quick Notes: How we do IE Hacks

We’ve recently changed the way we do IE hacks at Soupgiant. For years we were using conditional comments to load separate CSS files.

Quick Notes: Big Red Framework on

Big Red, the Soupgiant WordPress framework, has been added to the theme repository.

Quick Notes: How Google Damages Its Own Brand

Google Reader allows me to send to Twitter but not Google+. What is this doing to Google’s own branding?

Quick Notes: Website Policies and SEO

Looking through the RACV website policies I noticed this item: 7. linking to this web site 7.1 If you wish to establish a link to this web site you must, in the first instance, use the Contact Us link at the top of the page and provide the following information: a) the URL of the […]

Quick Notes: Putting the “distributed” in CDN

I wrote yesterday that Google appeared to have taken the distributed out of their public CDN hosting a variety of JavaScript libraries. I even provided some trace routes comparing their CDN to Microsoft’s. I was wrong.

Quick Notes: Taking the “distributed” out of CDN

Over on Twitter @bobearth prompted me to do run some trace routes against the Google CDN and compare it to the Microsoft CDN. It appears Google have taken the distributed network out of their CDN.

Quick Notes: Big Red Framework

We’ve updated the base WordPress theme we use at Soupgiant for WordPress 3.1+ and to make more use of the WordPress API. Along with the standard features you would expect in a WordPress framework, it includes templates for the Theme My Login plugin, custom default code for Formidable / Formidable Pro plugins, custom html output […]

Quick Notes: Guest Post on Digging into WordPress

Jeff and Chris have been kind enough to publish Hosting Client Sites on a WordPress Network as a guest post on Digging into WordPress.

Quick Notes: Caching Google’s WebFont Loader

As with Google’s other hosted libraries, providing a more specific version number of webfont.js will effect browser caching.