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Quick Notes: Putting the “distributed” in CDN

I wrote yesterday that Google appeared to have taken the distributed out of their public CDN hosting a variety of JavaScript libraries. I even provided some trace routes comparing their CDN to Microsoft’s. I was wrong.

Quick Notes: Taking the “distributed” out of CDN

Over on Twitter @bobearth prompted me to do run some trace routes against the Google CDN and compare it to the Microsoft CDN. It appears Google have taken the distributed network out of their CDN.

Quick Notes: Caching Google’s WebFont Loader

As with Google’s other hosted libraries, providing a more specific version number of webfont.js will effect browser caching.

Behind the Websites: jQuery 1.5 as jQuery 1.5.0

When jQuery 1.4 was released, the Google URL being publicised by the jQuery team was http://…/jquery/1.4/jquery.min.js – while Google had set it up as http://…/jquery/1.4.0/jquery.min.js. I had problems with this seemingly minor difference.

Behind the Websites: Caching on the Google AJAX Libraries API

Using the Google Ajax Libraries API, there are several options for specifying the version numbers of the library you wish to use, for example, three URLs point to the latest version of jQuery.