We’ve started writing small WordPress plugins to release into the wild. It’s early days, there’s only one, but as we add to this list we’ll post an article on the blog so check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Delay Print Stylesheets

As we detail in a July 2010 blog post most browsers, Safari being the exception, delay rendering your web page as they download your print stylesheets. This plugin delays loading your print stylesheets until the page has fully rendered.


We’ve released our WordPress framework on github. At the time of writing there is no documentation.

The Big Red Framework

The parent theme/framework used by SoupGiant to create WordPress sites. The framework requires WordPress 3.1+ and will be updated as new WordPress versions are released. As new WordPress versions are released the framework defaults will be set to prevent html changes.

No styling is applied within this theme as style and other customisations are intended to be added by a child theme.