The Big Red Framework is intended for web developers creating bespoke themes for their clients. It contains a ton of options for the developer to configure, without a messy options screen cluttering up the WordPress admin.

The framework includes:

  • Micro-formats
  • ARIA roles
  • html5 form inputs
  • html5 inline tags


We’ve developed this framework to make our lives easier. It includes some other projects that also make our lives easier, in alphabetical order they are:

Using the framework

Never create your client’s site in the big-red-framework theme folder. Instead you should create a child theme and use that to house the CSS, custom JavaScript, images and the site’s settings.


The WordPress Codex has a page on using child themes.

Creating a child theme

  1. Copy the files from the starter directory into the base folder of your child theme
  2. Create the sub-directory assets in your child theme
  3. Copy the framework’s assets/child/ directory into the assets directory of your child theme

More documentation to come. Really, most of it’s already written!