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Quick Notes: Faux Columns Revistited

It’s time to update Dan Cederholm’s faux columns to take advantage of CSS3 gradients and reduce http requests.

Behind the Websites: Selectivizr with CSS on a sub-domain

Updating the Soupgiant base WordPress theme recently (among other things we were porting it to HTML5), we needed to decide which shims and/or polyfills to use. We starterd with Remy Sharp’s HTML5 enabling script but another to consider was Selectivizr to improve IE‘s support of CSS3 selectors.

Behind the Websites: Rounded Corners Everywhere

Similar support of rgba and border-radius in modern browsers allows us to use both the old graphical and new css3 methods for rounded corners. This gives us the same look in almost all browsers.

Behind the Websites: Review – Everything you know about CSS is wrong!

During the week I read Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank’s Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong! At a little over 100 pages it’s a concise explanation of CSS tables and how they will – and an argument why they should – change the way in which web developers work.