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Content Strategy: Clout by Colleen Jones: book review

Colleen Jones lays the premise of influence firmly on the table and discusses ways to begin thinking about content strategy as a means of influencing audiences on the web. The title of the book is explicit and confronting but how does the content itself stack up?

Behind the Websites: HTML5 for Web Designers

The first release from publisher A Book Apart does exactly what I would hope for from the people who brought us the excellent A List Apart online magazine. It simplifies a topic and gets me excited about using new web technologies.

Business: Assigning roles and sticking to them

Much like everything else that needs doing when starting up, it is the most important thing to do. Books about building a new business are full of suggestions about the most important thing to do. I suppose listing something and just saying it’s a helpful tool for getting the business on track is just not strong enough for the self-help book market.

Behind the Websites: Review – Everything you know about CSS is wrong!

During the week I read Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank’s Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong! At a little over 100 pages it’s a concise explanation of CSS tables and how they will – and an argument why they should – change the way in which web developers work.