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Producing websites is, in itself a business, but it often relates to the business of our clients. We’ll try to put all of those thoughts and processes in here.

Business: Simplifying can complicate things

I’ve played with Google Wave (OBM) and toyed with PBWorks. I tried wikis and intranets, I implemented networks and created complicated Excel spreadsheets. I have used at least five different time trackers and even more wireframing tools.

None of those things ever helped get the work completed quicker, more efficiently or better in any way.

Business: Why we host Big Red Tin on US servers

Previously I wrote about sticking with an Australian web hosting provider. Soon after I relocated the Soupgiant sites to an American service provider. Situations change and so I thought I’d explain why.

Business: Networking is the New Networking

Networking is not about shoving your business cards in people’s faces.

Business: An Answer to the Twitter Question

One of the questions we’re often asked by clients when doing an initial consultation is “what about twitter?” After a couple of years of thinking about an answer, Josh might finally have one.

Business: Reply to Emails to Manage Expectations

The cost to benefit ratio of replying to email is tiny. In contrast, not replying to email can be detrimental to your reputation and your relationships. It’s your choice.

Business: Business is not like Sport

It’s easy to make sports analogies when discussing business. Watching World Cup soccer and playing baseball, as I do, the similarities between doing well in sports and business seem obvious. In fact, since Robert DeNiro, playing Al Capone in The Untouchables bashed in an associate’s head while making a baseball analogy, drawing lines of comparison between the two has become cliché.

Business: Surprise. It’s all about honesty

We were unable to help a potential client with the task they had in mind. We may have been able to fudge it but we don’t think ‘fudging it’ is the way to keep clients happy.

Business: Beware the Amazing Bargain

We’ve all heard about how, when something sounds like too much of a bargain to be true, it probably is. This was definitely the case with “quick and simple websites from $495″. When it comes to building a website, it’s important to know what the client actually needs.

Business: Thinking: More Important Than Ideas

Ideas come out of nowhere. We can’t hold onto them. We shouldn’t even try. Ideas are best blurted out and, subsequently, best thought over.

Business: Confirming a caller’s identity

The ATO called me last week and asked for my middle name and date of birth to confirm my identity. I told the operator that I wasn’t in the habit of giving out my personal details to incoming callers.