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Just like it sounds. This is where we post clippings of interesting things we’ve found (code, opinions, writings, pictures) that deal with all aspects of making the web. We found them interesting. You don’t have to.

Quick Notes: Guest Post on Digging into WordPress

Jeff and Chris have been kind enough to publish Hosting Client Sites on a WordPress Network as a guest post on Digging into WordPress.

Quick Notes: Caching Google’s WebFont Loader

As with Google’s other hosted libraries, providing a more specific version number of webfont.js will effect browser caching.

Quick Notes: Soupgiant WordPress themes on Github

The Soupgiant base WordPress themes are now available on GitHub. There’s no documentation at this stage, I’ll write up a blog post with details in the coming week.

Quick Notes: Branding is hard

Making a great brand starts with having a great name and that means being able to buy a great or, at least, good domain name as Jason Calacanis explains.

Quick Notes: How @font-face loads in different browsers

Why do you sometimes see the fonts change on a website after it loads? This is just one of the many ways browsers behave differently, as explained in this quote from Richard Rutter.