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Behind the Websites: Forms are forms, not lists

I have often seen HTML forms coded as part of a lists, including from some publications and people I highly respect. I believe this to be incorrect.

Behind the Websites: Valid Isn’t Best Practice

Not long ago, on the @soupgiant account, I tweeted “Vaild html / css doesn’t indicate your code is best practice; it may even indicate the opposite. #css3″. Neither the xHTML nor the CSS on this site validates, we consider it to observe best practices.

Behind the Websites: Why I will not be dropping support for IE6

Increasingly I’m reading of web developers deciding to drop IE6 from their list of supported browsers, usually, because of its creative interpretation of CSS standards, besides IE7 is over a year old, and, IE8 about to be released.

Behind the Websites: Links opening in new windows

Yes I have firm views. Take that as a given. Since long before I could code, however, I’ve always been critical of websites that open their links in another window.

Back in the days before browser tabs, a whole new window would open either above or below the window you were currently working on. It was terrible and unstoppable.