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Producing websites is, in itself a business, but it often relates to the business of our clients. We’ll try to put all of those thoughts and processes in here.

Business: Thinking: More Important Than Ideas

Ideas come out of nowhere. We can’t hold onto them. We shouldn’t even try. Ideas are best blurted out and, subsequently, best thought over.

Business: Confirming a caller’s identity

The ATO called me last week and asked for my middle name and date of birth to confirm my identity. I told the operator that I wasn’t in the habit of giving out my personal details to incoming callers.

Business: Never too old

At 94, my granddad decided to get a computer and onto the internet.

Dedicated to R Feltscheer, 1-1-1912 – 22-11-2009.

Behind the Websites, Business, Content Strategy, Design: The “D” Word

To call oneself a ‘Web Designer’ is about as accurate and explanatory as saying ‘I work with computers’.

Business: Craig McLachlan, Who Knew?

This week, Boxcutters featured Craig McLachlan as their guest, in the process providing a great example of the advantages of podcasting.

Business: Assigning roles and sticking to them

Much like everything else that needs doing when starting up, it is the most important thing to do. Books about building a new business are full of suggestions about the most important thing to do. I suppose listing something and just saying it’s a helpful tool for getting the business on track is just not strong enough for the self-help book market.

Business: MYOB Invoices: Building Brand Identity

We asked our accountant what accounting software package we should use. This is why we went with MYOB and how we’re dealing with the headaches.

Business: Expectations go both ways

Recently we had a potential client ask for a quote for a database application. The price we gave the client and the amount they were expecting to pay were vastly different. Their budget was almost one-twentieth the cost of the application.

So who got it wrong and how did it end up so completely out of proportion?

Business: Genesis of a Giant

Deciding to start Soupgiant resulted from a simple conversation – actually two simple conversations.

Business: Names Will Never Harm You

Once we decided to go into business together, there was one definite first thing we needed to: Come up with a name.